It is 03.44 in the morning. My bottom level panorama view over the train station in Eskilstuna is getting brighter and brighter every minute that passes. As if falling asleep was not difficult enough already, I think to myself and turn in my bed yet another time. I had my friends over tonight, enjoying each others company a last time before my trip begins. It was a blast, I must say. They are a multi flavored bunch of individuals with good hearts and intentions. I will surely miss them.

The past days have mainly consisted of practical things like cleaning the apartment, packing and making other arrangements necessary for Daniel, the guy who will be staying at my place the next coming 6 months. A combination of several 1 1/2 hour night walks with my good friend Sia and sloppy clothing has invited a sore throat accompanied by a runny nose. Feeling warm and tired at times I have smiled at the ironi and asked myself if this what travel fever really feels like.

Two friends have offered to hook me up with open minded people in Istanbul and for that I am grateful. Adventure is still the objective, but knowledgeable and helpful people is always welcome. Especially when moving to a new country!

I will be landing in Turkey around 16 or 17 o' clock, depending on adjustment to Turkish time. If we optimistically add another hour to that for claiming the baggage and maneuvering the cart to the airbuses I think it is safe to say I will be in Taksim the earliest at 20 o´ clock Turkish time. Most probably this means that my first night in Turkey will be spent calmly somewhere on a restaurant where I can enjoy the phenomenal kitchen typical for the region, and try getting a good night of sleep.

On Tuesday I am told there is a Turkish holiday. The 19th of May is celebrated as the Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day. In Turkish it is Atatürk'ü Anma or Gençlik ve Spor Bayramı. The origin of this holiday can logically be traced to the date of May 19, 1919, when the Turkish War of Independence was started which subsequently lead to the creation of the Republic Of Turkey. How does Istanbul smell, taste and feel on a holiday like this? I will find out and let you know!

Postat av: Ahmet Pandir

Dear B,

I hope your stay in Istanbul will be giving you deep insights of cultures, traditions and social behavior. The city is a huge living organism which completely embraces one with all its secrets and stories. I am convinced you write your own Istanbul story...

I live in Istanbul by the Bosphorus and can assure you that life is pretty more tangible here...

Anytime at your disposal email me. apandir@gmailcom

2009-05-17 @ 08:23:27
Postat av: Fredrik

I'm looking forward to follow your encounters through the blogg! The cousins will miss you in Lerbo this summer (if we hopefully manage to gather up ones again). Take care!

/Fredrik & Katarina

2009-05-17 @ 17:20:33
Postat av: B-O

Well, if I can tell time correctly, you should be in Istanbul by now, perhaps sitting in a restaurant? I'm sure everything is alright and I wish you a good nights sleep. Let's keep in touch, and when you feel the time is right, let's try to figure out the best time to visit you! Rock on!

2009-05-18 @ 19:48:15

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