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So I decided to ditch my maternal language and start writing in English instead. Why? Well to be honest, for a guy who claims to be of international character I do not feel that I practice English enough. Sure, my job partially involves daily contact with English speaking customers/colleagues but since it ends on Thursday I loose that opportunity. While in Turkey I will almost exclusively speak Turkish in any given situation, phone conversations with family and friends will be in Swedish so I do not really see a reason why I should not go ahead and use the most international language in the world. Now that this has been decided I would like to apologise in advance for all the typos, incorrect grammar and foreign sentence building that are about to come. Today my employer came to the office and brought cake with them to celebrate my departure. No just kidding. It’s really more of a ”thank you gesture” for the years I spent working there. As far as the trip is concerned everything is in order. My excitement has yet to be accompanied by nervousness, which feels good. If I know myself sufficiently it is sure to arrive in time though. That train is never late, hehe. The biggest question mark in my mind right now is what I should buy my loyal cousin Istanbul-Burak from Sweden. I know he likes football so there is a good possibility that I might get him a Swedish national football team sweater. We’ll see. For now, take care!


Postat av: Jedi-apprentice =)

Tycker definitivt att du ska skriva på engelska.

2009-04-29 @ 10:58:50
Postat av: Siv

Very good Benjamin!

2009-05-06 @ 13:18:28

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